L'estate delle acquisizioni strategiche: Facebook acquista Acrylic Software

Dopo aver acquistato Instagram, il fondatore di Facebook Zukerberg, passa ad Acrylic, software-house famosa per le applicazioni Wallet e Pulp. La prima destinata all’archiviazione di dati sensibili, simile a Passbook di iOS 6, la seconda nata come RSS reader, entrambe disponibili per iOS e Mac.

immagine da acrylicapps.com

Data l’esperienza e la conoscenza della qualità dei software “made in Acrylic”, si pensa che Zucherberg abbia fatto questo passo per ridisegnare da zero l’applicazione iOS del proprio Social Network migliorandola sotto molti aspetti, con l’uscita della nuova app entro quest’estate. Quindi per gli utilizzatori di Wallet e Pulp non ci saranno più futuri aggiornamenti ma rimarrà la possibilità di effettuare il download delle versioni odierne.

Ancora una volta un’applicazione nata e divenuta famosa grazie ad Apple, diventa desiderio di colossi informatici come Facebook (Acrylic piuttosto che Instagram) o come Google con Sparrow, intenzionati a migliorare grazie alle conoscenze di questi Team.

Di seguito riportiamo il comunicato ufficiale:

“I’m happy to announce today that we’ve packed up our small Vancouver studio and will be making the move to San Francisco in the coming weeks to join the design team at Facebook.

For the past four years, we’ve worked tirelessly on creating truly awesome products with a focus on innovation and great design, and I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve been able to accomplish during that time. Our flagship apps, Wallet and Pulp, have been used and loved by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Building these products has been a fun and exciting ride, but the time has come to move on to newer and bigger challenges.

Facebook is an invaluable service that we all use daily, and a company I believe is one of the most innovative and important around today. After visiting late last year, I discovered that we shared many of the same core product design goals and principles, and it soon became obvious that it was a natural fit. Simply put, there’s an opportunity at Facebook to have a big impact in many people’s lives. More importantly, Facebook is full of extremely talented people who will be able to help realize its full potential in the years to come.

Our products and services have not been acquired by Facebook, and while there are no plans for further development on them, Wallet and Pulp will continue to remain available for download and purchase in their current form. We’ll certainly be the first to let you know of any updates or changes here in the future.

A special thanks to all of our customers and supporters who have helped us grow and build the best products possible throughout the last four years. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

Dustin MacDonald
Acrylic Software”